Hear 360 | The Best EDM Songs of 2017 So Far
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EDM Songs

The Best EDM Songs of 2017 So Far

EDM music is quite popular these days. It stands for Electronic dance music. Some of the other names are club music, dance music, etc. This genre is specially made for night clubs, raves, and festivals. The EDM music is created by disc jockeys who also perform live at a concert or a festival; this festival is known as the live PA.
EDM Songs

The following are some of the best Electronic Dance Music of 2017 are:

  • Stay- Alessia Cara.
  • Something just like this – Coldplay.
  • 2U- David Guetta.
  • Scared to be lonely- Dua Lipa.
  • Bon Appetite- Katy Perry.
  • Heat Stroke- Calvin Harris.

Stay- Alessia Cara:

The song is produced by a Zedd who is a Russian-German electronic music and producer and the song was sung by Alessia Cara who is a Canadian Singer. The song got released in the month of February by Interscope Records but the official video was released in the month of April.

The song hit the charts of Billboards top 100 and was number one on the Mainstream Top 40.

Something just like this – Coldplay:

Something just like this is the end product when two of the best bands in the world collided and made music. The song is simply brilliant and hit the charts of the Billboard top 100. The song was released in the month of February and the music video was also released in the same month. Coldplay and Chainsmokers performed this song live at the Brit awards in London, England.

2U- David Guetta:

David Guetta is one of the pioneers of EDM music and some of his music has always hit the charts. His recent song 2U featuring Justin Bieber who is yet another pop star who is loved all over the world. The song was released in the month of June. 2U was the third collaborative song Justin Bieber has done in the year. The first two are I’m the one and Despacito and both were very popular and topped the charts.

Scared to be lonely- Dua Lipa:

The Dutch DJ Martin Garrix had recorded the song and the singer was Dua Lipa who is a British singer. Scared to be lonely was released in the month of January. The song was premiered in the AVA festival 2017. Later the artists released the acoustic version of the song in the month of April. The Acoustic version is as good as the EDM version. The music video was written and directed by Blake Claridge.

Bon Appetite- Katy Perry:

Katy Perry is no stranger to the pop world. With the increase in popularity of EDM music, many pop artists have started to collaborate with disc jockeys to produce EDM music. The song was released in the month of April. The producers were Max Martin, Shellback, and Holter. The song was very famous and hit the charts in many countries.

Heat Stroke- Calvin Harris:

Calvin Harris is another DJ who produces brilliant music. The song features rappers like Young Thug, Pharrell Williams, and the Ariana Grande.

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